El Casco celebra 100 años

El Casco celebrates 100 years

Luxury · Durability · Heritage

These three pillars have been key to the success of El Casco.

Originally an arms manufacturer, El Casco adapted their production to produce durable office items. Some of the designs you see today are from the original patents. The durability and quality of our products allow us to withstand the test of time, and survive in an ever-changing climate. An El Casco product is a product for life.
It’s not every day that a company reaches its 100-year milestone. Of this achievement, Jon Solozabal General Manager explains….

An important part of innovation is the need to always look to the future. With this in mind, El Casco has refreshed and launched a whole new web experience. Designed with the user in mind, enter and discover for yourselves one of Spain’s most iconic brands.
Jon Solozabal
General Manager
El Casco: Tradición