El Casco Staplers

Discover the beautiful El Casco staplers, the best representatives of the values that represent the Company: Tradition, Quality, Design and Craftsmanship.

Staplers that keep intact their essence that began in the early 30’s. Staplers that involve and generate history.

El Casco Plier Staplers share quality and precision with their desk siblings, including a more ergonomic design.

El Casco staplers legacy began in the 1930 decade with the manufacturing of the M-15 stapler, a model still available. Its acclaimed and timeless design is the base for the whole El Casco staplers range, still a valid symbol of sophistication. Their unmistakable shape is and will be a constant on office desks worldwide.

Manufactured in steel, these staplers have always highlighted their reliability. They incorporate an anti-blockage screw and a rotating plate that allow to staple in three different ways. The beautiful mirror finish in bright chrome and 23K gold is obtained after up to six times hand polishing and a high tech coating process. The achieved brightness reflects the history around them and transmits it from one generation to the next one.

We are proud that in the current consumerism culture there is a place for products manufactured to endure, although nothing is everlasting. That is the reason why the unique design allows to disassemble and replace any spare part except the ones that belong to the basic structure.

Proud owners of El Casco staplers that come from the heritage of their parents or after a long working live request pieces to repair them and continue the usage in the same way as in the very beginning. The histories they transmit to us are part of our inspiration to continue working in this way. We hope in the near future to share these experiences with our customers and followers.