Regalos para fumadores de cigarros puros

Gifts for cigar lovers

When we talk about the love of smoking cigars, we are opening a door to a world enveloped in history, nobility, tradition and elegance.

Cortapuros de tenaza M-765L

Also, some would say a world traditionally associated with men, with masculinity. However, we must not play into this stereotype; There have always been and will always be women cigar smokers, both illustrious and anonymous.

It is a practice that in today’s society does not always enjoy great public visibility. This is due to the more private nature of this hobby, which is enjoyed in more closed circles or even in private clubs.

If you know someone who is passionate about this hobby, we have some ideas for a unique one-of-a-kind gift. Take the opportunity to learn more about this intriguing world of cigar collection and enjoyment.

People who love this hobby well know that cutting the cigar is a fundamental part of the cigar smoking ritual. Previously we dedicated a post on our blog to “The perfect cut”. To achieve this, at El Casco we recommend you start “the perfect cigar gift set” with our cigar cutter, in any of its finishes.

Shiny chrome – polished by hand, giving it a spectacular shine

Gold, equally bright and with a 23kt coating

Cortapuros de tenaza

All El Casco cigar cutters have a sharp, high-quality blade made of hardened Solingen steel. This steel originates from the city of the same name in Germany, recognized internationally for the quality of its steel. It is known as a city with a soul of steel, for excelling since medieval times in the manufacture of swords, knives, scissors or razors.

Cortapuros de tenaza
Cortapuros de tenaza

To complete a luxury cigar gift set, you can add one of our exquisite ashtrays

El Casco ashtrays feature the brand's unmistakable design

With an elegant appearance, they have a metallic base with beveled shapes and is available in a shiny chrome or gold finish and a receptacle for the ashes made of crystal of great purity and transparency.

Cenicero m-760ct

Ashtray in shiny chrome

Cenicero m-760l

Ashtray in a 23kt gold plated finish

Cenicero de cigarros puros
Cenicero de cigarros puros
Cenicero de cigarros puros

Cigar and whiskey gift set

If you enjoy the accompaniment of a drink with your cigar, we have master crafted a beautiful set of drink coasters just for the occasion.

With a genuine black leather surface, and shiny chrome and gold finishes, they are an exceptional item to add to your El Casco collection.

Posavasos M-653 L
Posavasos M-653 L

Any of these products will delight even the most discerning fans of cigars. Select the one that best suits your tastes and enjoy the experience!

Posavasos M-653 L