El Casco: Cortapuros

The Perfect Cut

Beauty and Function, discover the El Casco Cigar Cutter

El Casco are fine makers of luxurious desk accessories, but did you know that we also make other products like luxury cigar accessories?

For over 100 years we have perfected and worked to create unique pieces that celebrate craftsmanship and dedication to doing things the right way. We produce all of our pieces here in Spain and make amazing additions to your home office or studio space.

One of our most luxurious pieces is our cigar cutter. Made in a style that is probably the most famous and recognized, the single-blade, guillotine style, our cigar cutter is functional and beautiful.

While there are many different types of cut, the guillotine style has many advantages. The cut is clean and creates an enjoyable draw. This draw is even more enjoyable with a high-quality cigar.

Guillotine cutters are very easy to use. The key to a sharp guillotine cut is our Solingen stainless steel blades.

El Casco cigar cutters are suitable for cigars with a maximum of 50 ring gauge.

To properly cut your cigar using a single-blade guillotine cigar cutter, you must first identify where the shoulder of the piece ends. This is the curved part of the head of the cigar and right where it ends is where you should place the cutter. Once positioned, simply take the two handles of your El Casco cigar cutter and firmly and smoothly clamp down to give it a clean cut.

Our cigar cutters are one of the best gifts for cigar lovers and are available in four different finishes: gold, gold and black, chrome and chrome and black. A finish to suit each cigar aficionado collection.

To complete a dream set, in our catalog you will find fantastic matching ashtrays with special characteristics specifically for the enjoyment of cigars.