Cómo usar su afilalápices El Casco

How to use your El Casco Pencil Sharpener

When you think of El Casco, our M-430 iconic pencil sharpener is one of the first pieces that comes to mind. Made with the same original designs that were patented 80 years ago, they are synonymous with durability, design and luxury. Through the years we have refined our processes to ensure that each and every piece meets our quality standards to sharpen pencils for many years to come.

Did you know that you can adjust the length of the point sharpened? See the blades working from the inside?

We receive many questions about how to properly use our pencil sharpener – so we are delighted to provide you this mini video tutorial which shows you how to make the best use of your El Casco M-430.

Step 1

Make sure you have your pencil sharpener fixed appropriately to a clean, smooth surface

Place the pencil sharpener in a desired position on a clean, smooth surface of your desk or table. At the base, check that the lever that operates the suction cup is in the “open” position (from the front side of the pencil sharpener, the lever will be facing forward) Turn the lever backwards with a smooth and firm gesture, and the pencil sharpener will fix to the surface.

Step 2

Choose a quality pencil and then select the desired pencil tip length you want to achieve

You can choose from four different combinations of tip length and thickness for your pencil, indicated by the red markings on the wheel of the crank shaft. Using these markings, select the desired tip, detach the wheel and turn it to place it into position.

Did you know…?

Our crank pencil sharpener produces a characteristic concave shape at the tip that ends with a flat edge. It is a very strong, durable tip that is especially appreciated by writing enthusiasts.

Step 3

Open and position pencil in the sharpener, ensuring that it is well placed

To open the pencil entry slot, move the lever to the right and hold it open while inserting the pencil. Once placed firmly, release the lever. Now you are ready to start sharpening!

Step 4

You can watch the blades in work from the viewing window at the top of the sharpener

Hold the wooden knob (made of Beech wood) of the crank and turn it clockwise. Whilst sharpening you will notice that progressively less force is required to turn the crank.

As you do so, through the upper window you can see the mechanism inside. Observing and listening to the mechanism at work is a rewarding experience for those who love classic charm of mechanical perfection.

After a few seconds, stop, release the pencil, and remove it to see the result. Repeat process if necessary.

Pro tip

The drawer where the wood shavings are deposited has a protrusion with a rough surface on the top. Use it to get an even more flawless pencil.

Step 5