Personalized business gifts

In addition to the ability to create unique one-off pieces, if you want a personalized product with other elements such as a company logo or a commemorative event, please contact us.

As an example, we recently did a special customization job for the S.D. Eibar. The football club, whose first league team currently competes against the greats of the Spanish Football League, has entrusted El Casco with this exclusive commission.

The club’s crest has been engraved on the gold post-it note holders and the elegant gift boxes have also been personalized for the occasion.

Estuche grabado S.D.Eibar


Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and we want to take the opportunity to delve a bit into our personalization service – which you can find available on an array of products in our catalog.

We take pride in the finishes of our products. Each and every piece is hand polished to achieve a mirror finish.

El Casco products are meant to last a lifetime, and what a better way to add a personal touch, then to have initials engraved on our shiny chrome or gold-plated surfaces. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones – or for yourself!.

You will find the selection of products available for personalization available here. You can select up to 3 characters to engrave in 3 different fonts. Look out for the personalization tick-box on available products and see how the letters look in the different fonts.

El Casco: Personalization
El Casco: Personalize - Initials

Depending on the products, the engravings will appear in different places.

Please be sure to refer to the “Personalization” tab located at the bottom half of each product page. There you will find exactly where the engraving will appear on the product.

If you are wanting to engrave more than 3 characters, there are some products available where you can work with our team to create a custom, one-of-a-kind piece. Simply fill in the contact form here and our team will get in touch.

Personalization, much like our products is done by hand right here in our offices and done with care. El Casco products are meant to last a lifetime, and now you can add that personal touch which can be passed on for generations.

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Here are the products you can personalize