Gold Cigar Cutter



Cigar aficionados all agree, our M-765 lever-action cigar cutter is recognized as one of the best and most distinctive cigar cutters. With its stunning 23kt gold finish, it epitomizes elegance and sophistication.


Plier Cigar Cutter in 23-Karat Gold Finish. Made of hand polished steel.

  • Tempered Solingen steel blade.
  • Copper, nickel and 23kt gold plated.
  • Cigar ring gauge: up to 50 (20 mm. / 0.78 inches).
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 8.3 x 3.5 cm (6.1 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches).
  • Weight: 330 g.
  • Elegant Gift Box presentation.

Smoking a good cigar is much more than just lighting it up. The pleasure of savoring a cigar requires choosing the right place, the right moment, the strength of the cigar itself, and even pairing it with champagne, whisky, or even craft beer.

Part of this ritual lies in the cutting of the cigar. It’s a crucial moment, as important as lighting it or even caring for the cigar itself. The cut will greatly influence the draw you will experience with each puff.

At this point, the efficiency and precision of the El Casco cigar cutter are vital for enjoyment. This single blade guillotine cutter allows for:

  • A clean cut, without burrs.
  • Ample cut, for a good draw.
  • Precision, to avoid damaging the cap.
El Casco cigar cutters are suitable for cigars with a ring gauge of up to 50 (20 mm. / 0.78 inches). You can find more information in the following article: The Perfect Cut.
Cortapuros de tenaza

The ultimate precision cut

The most precise cut is executed at the shoulder, just a few millimeters before the cigar takes its shape. The El Casco cigar cutter allows you to rest the cigar on the base before making the cut through its guillotine. This feature provides two benefits:

  • Stability of the cigar during the cut, resulting in a clean cut.
  • Control of the cutting depth.

Lever-action Cigar Cutter

The El Casco cigar cutter is classified as a lever-action cigar cutter. Inspired by plier staplers, when the cigar is inserted into the opening, it facilitates holding the cigar in place. By resting the cigar against the base, it allows for a cut with the perfect depth. At the base, there is a groove that aids in support and centering of the cigar.

The product comes in an elegant black box, ideal for gifting. The padded interior ensures the protection of the cigar cutter and maintains the mirror-polished finish of its surface.

Cortapuros de tenaza

Additional information

Weight 0.442 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 12 × 3.8 cm

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