A luxurious finish available for every taste

Shiny Chrome

Sleek and perfect for the modern office or studio space. Each piece is polished a minimum of six times to achieve a mirrored look.

Available in a majority of our pieces, collect several to maintain a uniform office style, or mix and match as you wish.

23kt. Gold

The epitome of elegance and luxury which looks beautiful in any space and with any style.

Some of our most iconic pieces can be found in 23kt. gold. We galvanize each piece in 4 different metals before we finish it in 23kt. gold. Quality and luxury that is unparalleled.

23 kt. Gold and Shiny Chrome

Combining the best of both worlds, the sleek modern simplicity of shiny chrome with the elegance and luxurious beauty of 23kt. gold.

Hand polished a minimum of six times and coated with 5 metals in total, this combination makes each El Casco product eye-catching.

23 kt. Gold and Black

23kt. gold and black lacquered finish, one of our most asked for combinations. The black lacquer helps balance the beauty and elegance of the 23kt. gold.

All the parts finished in gold are hand polished a minimum of six times and are assembled by hand.

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Shiny Chrome and Black

Shiny chrome items accented with touches of black lacquer. Modernity combined with sleek chrome. Make a statement with this combination.

Hand polished a minimum of six times and coated with 5 metals in total, this combination is perfect for the most discerning eye.

Black Leather

We source our leather from only the highest quality leather artisans in Spain.

Originating from Seville, all of our black leather pieces are handmade and inspected to ensure only the highest quality are used in our products.

Each piece is sewn with precise and small stitching, ensuring that the product stays looking new, longer.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Not all leather products are created equal.

Vegetal tanned leather is unique in that it is not processed with chemicals. Vegetable tanned leather is hand chosen for its perfection and then tanned for months before being used. These leather pieces are sumptuous, a sensory experience from the smell of the leather, to how it feels in your hands.

Immaculate quality, handmade to last.