Product Care

Maintain the beauty of your El Casco item

How to care for metal products

Your El Casco item was design to last a lifetime. In order to ensure that the surface stays looking perfect it is important that you do not use any abrasive cleaner of any kind.

On occasion, all that you need to do to clean your item is to take a simple, dry cloth (similar to those used to clean eyeglasses) and gently rub the surface.

How to care for your El Casco leather item

Leather is a natural material and sensitive to the effects of light, moisture and water.

To keep your leather item in perfect condition and prevent its color from fading, El Casco recommends not exposing it for too long to high temperatures or sunlight.

In case of contact with water, dry it immediately with a dry and soft cloth. To maintain its natural softness, apply a product (such as Nivea or another product that is natural) that is especially formulated for leather.

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